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Shani bro paper kis na add krna tha :P 

What is a complex sentence?
Is it possible to display a visual aid without a title
Three type of interviw

Diffent b/w memorzed & impromptu delivers method of oral presntation
Diffrnt b/w CV & resume
How does editing help to improve a document
To approve the credit reqst we have to use direct approch elaborate
Define the term comma splice discuss the three way it can be corrected
Eng201 26 Aug 2016

MCQs were new
Prospect's needs of proposals? (5)
Five points about hyphen? (5)
Five fill in the blanks from given words? very easy (5)
Benefits of Drawings (Visual Aids) (5)
Visual Aids in Oral Presentation (3)
Sentence Segment or Modifier (3)
Name of three ending notes for any report (3) like .... Conclusion, Recomm
One more about hyphen (2)
Two sentences were given tell that Sentence segment or Complete Sentence

Long questions:
1.What are visual aids? What are the purpose of using visual aids?
2.If you are a businessperson what plan of conveying a bad message will you adopt? Direct plan or indirect?
3.What is oral communication? write some points to improve oral communication.
4.Is published agenda meeting worth it or non published? Argue on your points.
Short questions:
1.What are Pictographs?
2. Fill in the blanks (easy)
3.Fill in the blanks (easy)
4. Transition words paragraph.
5. 2 types of oral communication...
Don't remember more...
MCQs were quite tricky and hard..

1=what is Clarity stands for?
2=Differentiate between graph visual and text visual?
3=what is an analogy?

 Today's Paper: (26-8-2016)
1. Suppose you are IT programmer, write Acceptance letter to respond job offer from company. (5 Marks)
2. Define term 'acronym' with examples. (5 Marks)
3. Write elements of test specifications. (5 Marks)
4. Why credit approval is written in direct method ? (5 Marks)
5. Define acronym with examples (3 Marks)
6. True and False (3 Marks)
7. True/False (2 marks)
8. Write Inconsistent or consistent in-front of three given sentences. (3 Marks)
9. Name two issues that are included in proposal ? (2 Marks)
Some MCQ's were from Moaz File other were new from book.


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