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CS704 Advance Computer Architecture-II, Assignment No.02, Due Date: May 27, 2017

Question 1: Total Points (10+5+5= 20)

Following code lines are written in a high level language:

a = c + d;

b = c + e;

The corresponding instructions for MIPS are:

LW R1, 0(R0)

LW R2, 4(R0)

ADD R3, R1, R2

SW R3, 12(R0)

LW R4, 8(R0)

ADD R5, R1, R4

SW R5, 16(R0)
These instructions are to be executed on a pipelined processor with forwarding.

(a) Identify hazards by showing the execution of these instructions per cycle bases.

(b) Reorder these instructions to avoid any pipeline stalls.

(c) How many cycles are saved after executing the reordered instructions?

Question 2: Total Points (10)

Read the research paper titled "Verifying Tomasulo’s Algorithm by Refinement", and explain (in your own words) how Tomasulo’s algorithm for out-of-order execution can be used as a refinement of the sequential instruction execution algorithm.

Question 3: Total Points (10+10= 20)

Read the research paper titled “An optimizing pipeline stall reduction algorithm for power and performance on multi-core CPUs”, and answer the following questions in your own words:

1. How the proposed Left-Right (LR) algorithm works?
2. Why LR algorithm is giving better results as compared to traditional in-order and Tomasulo’s algorithms?

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