Question No 1: (5+5 Marks)
a) XYZ is a large organization dealing with diverse types of products and customers. Currently all processes in organization are manual and paper based. The company is operating in a market where there are numerous competitors for same range of products. In order to enhance and optimize the business, management has planned to introduce information systems across the organization. Your task is to identify at least five improvements that can be inducted in such a competitive business environment with information systems?
b) VYZ is a production company that produces various types of products for domestic consumption. The company directors define product planes that target next 10 years to position the organization in the competitive marketplace. The departmental heads set out procurement and sales targets in beginning of each calendar year. This information is used by line manages to procure various raw materials following some company’s standard procedures. Line manages ensures that production units are working properly to produce products as per the targets. They ensure that sufficient supervisors are properly allocated in shifts and set their roster plans. Worker sets their schedule every day for various routine activities. Finance department ensures sufficient funds are available and allocated for each department at the beginning of each fiscal year. HR department collects the manpower requirements from departments and sets out a plan for recruitment activities for each year.
You have learned about various types of planning in organization. Your task is to identify various types of such planning activities as described in above description and write their category.
Question No 2: (5 +5 Marks)
a) Define cross functional coordination; also identify how CBISs facilitate it and its advantages.
b) You have studied various types of systems, some of those involve external feedback for optimization and some don’t. You need to enlist various steps involved in adaptation and implementation of closed loop systems in an organization.

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