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past paper

I am done with CS101 Paper Today...

Sharing Some of the the questions and MCQs.. I hope that it will help you.

*Go through the basic HTML Tags...

I got a Question (3 Marks) Of Matching Things..

*In Word Processor match the things according to their use in :


Drawings & Graphic

* Write the HTML code of Submit Button and it that show the, "Hello World"! as Java script clicking that submit button. (5 Marks)

*Question of 3 Marks:

How to write in, Write HTML CODE TAG



Line Break:

Highest Heading

* Mr. Abdullah have to go lahore early. He is using motorway except GT road to reach Lahore earlier. what type of algorithm is this. (2 Marks)

*You are making a program (Soft ware) a company for fire alert , short circuit as a emergency alert. what kind of program will be this?

* Write the names three famous operating systems. (3 Marks)

*Micro-phone is input or output Device

* Which retains the data or memory when a computer starts. (ROM, RAM)

* Which one is  not an Object Oriented Language.  (SMALL TALK  , C , C++)

*if a and b have same inputs 1, then what will be the XOR output. (2 Marks)

Question # 21: What is Deterministic Algorithm? (2)

Question # 22: What is Architecture Design in SW Development? (2)

Question # 23: Greedy Algorithm is always right or not, Justify in your own words? (3)

Question # 24: How to block Popup Windows using Java Script? (3)

Question # 25: 5 tips for writing a good Pseudo Code? (5)

Question # 26: What are the OS core tasks? (5)

Q1: Machine code in binary system?
Q2: Java script function?
Q3: Operating system components?
Q4: HTML tags?
Q5: Table?
Q6: Word processor, correction mistake recover?
Q7: Analytic engine?
Q8: what will be the output of XOR of a,b is 1?
Q9: write 5 steps of software life cycle?
Q10: If A=(introduction to computing) B=(CS101) C=(concentrate X,Y) write down output?

Cs101 midterm Questions:
21-What is DSS(Decision support system)??
22-Difference btw Microprocessors and Microprocessors system ?
23-what is DTP.. Write down uses?
24-write 3 Attribute of tag <input>
25- which register are used for store 0 and 1?
26- write down the component of. Microprocessors and what is Arthmetic

CS101 midterm paper

Q-1 As project manager what are parameters to write feasibility study report? (5 Marks)

Q-2 Name any two languages that can't run w/o interpreter? (LISP, BASIC i wrote) 2 marks

Q-3 Give six attributes of INPUT tag ? (3 marks)

Q-4 What are two ,most important parameters of Algorithim analysis (I wrote time and other is memory which i Forgot) (5 Marks)
Q-5 Steps for SW developer to make a program for an airline.
Q-6 HTML code 4 writing a text of 40 words and 5 rows.

CS 101 Mid spring 2017
descripitive question cs101
1. write htlml and java script code , so when you press button, an alert message appear with student name , id and gpa
2. are operating systems essential or not. describe with your logic
3. Life cycle of software development. write any 2 type of sldc
4. different website names were given and you have to make a table of website according to category.
5. what is web browser. write name of 3 web browser

By Ishtiaq Ahmed

cs101 at 10:30
mcqs.. all topics..
2 questns were of codings..html nd pseudocode
one long was of column.. websites di hui thn or likhna ta k in wbsites ki catagory kon c h e.g comercial,private etc.. nd one questn was from was from last lctrs.. yad ni h exact..

Cs101 10:30 paper today
Propriety of licenses three main types 3 number
Name two design use during software development I.e structure design and object oriented design 3no
Name card use in cpu 5 no
Arrange following numbers in ascending order using dry run 5
HTML coding for table


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