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CS101 Introduction to Computing- Mid Term Papers Fall 2017 December 9, 2017 to December 20, 2017 & Past Papers

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18 Mcqs (just few from past papers )

3 Subjective (5 Marks)

Q1. Algorithm ( find the sum of 1st 20 natural numbers)

Q2. find out the System and application software (5 options were given )

Q3. some options were given question was what you will be preferred computer or human ?

2 Questions (2 Marks)

Q1 Html code
Q2 write any two advantages of client server scripting

1 Question (3 Marks)
html tag (table and tablerow

mcq  dec 12 2017 cs101 midertm

The earlier browsers were able to share only ___________.

Before the arrival of Java language, JavaScript was called ___________.

Which one of the following is not a property of a good algorithm?

Which of the following plays the role of the honest referee between hardware and software resources of a computer?

 -After 7 there is no digit in ____________

 -ASP scripting language is a ________________.

-In JavaScript, the use of 'var' with a variable name is ___________.

dec 12 2017 cs101 midterm paper==>

5 mark====

-Write an algorithm to find the sum of first 20 natural numbers.


Match the software given in the following table with their respective categories:

Sr. No


Category of software


Microsoft Power point 

Utility software


Disk Cleanup  

Application software


Back up     

System software



Application software


PDF  reader    

Utility software


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