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Business and Technical English (Eng201)


Fall 2016

Assignment No. 3

Total Marks: 20

Lectures: 23-34




  • Upload your assignments in a proper format, i.e. MS word file. Corrupt files will be awarded zero marks.
  • The assignments should be zoomed in at 100%.
  • Please avoid plagiarism; plagiarized work will be marked zero.
  • After the due date, the assignments submitted via email would not be entertained.
  • Please avoid submitting copied assignments; otherwise, such a case would be referred to the discipline committee.
  • The font color should be preferably black and font size 12 Times New Roman.



Q1. Suppose you are the Principal of a public school. Prepare a Progress Report of your school for the year March 2015 - March 2016 about the matriculation results of your school. Use the following superstructure of a progress report:                      (10 Marks)

  1. Introduction
  2. Facts and Discussion
  3. Organizing the Discussion
  4. Emphasizing Important Findings and Problems
  5. Conclusions



Q2. Pie charts are unsurpassed in their ability to depict the composition of a whole. Draw a ‘Pie Chart’ showing different monthly expenditures of your house hold.               (10 Marks)

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Need Solution

Read this and solve the assignment 
1. genral reports wala perho chapter.

2. usmein format dekho.

us format ko follow ker k word mein report likho.







uper wala sab headings pe daalo.

phir sab heading banao aur sab likho k kaisay kaisay kiya.

jaisay k food street ka kiya impact hai dosray resturants per. yeh intro mein daalo.

phir batao k business khasaray mein jarahay hain. aur methods likho k kaisay pata chala apko k businesses khasaray mein hain.

facts likho jinse pata chalay k kyun food street pe log zyada jatay hain. zahir hai mahool acha hai. paisay kam hotay hai khanay k etc etc. 

phir conclusion do k bht zyada asar perha hai.

sub heading bhi heading walay se banao word mein. number kero sako.

phir word mein insert table of content likho.

wohan se select kerlo. khud ba khud aajaye ga table..check kero k sahi bana,

bas phir copy kero aur assignment walay documnet mein daal do. 

q2. mein tu bas specifications likhni hain. her phone k box pe hoti hain. copy mat kerna apne style pe likhna.

q3. flow chart banao k kiya kertay ho subah jagna, college jana, gym jana gher aana dinner kerna aur phir sona.

shapes aur arrows k sath bana lo words mein.



nyc one

question no 1



                              This Progress report covers the student matriculation result for the year

March-2015 to March-2016. The aim is to improve study and next year result.



                                ✓ We are trying to improve education level

                                ✓ We will use modern teaching techniques to improve our next year result.

                                ✓ In the current year we have achieved allover 95% result in matriculation.



                                                In March-2015 to March-2016 we have improve our result if compare with previous years. We will also improve our result more. In the current year we are

install computer and science lab for a student which is helpful in their study. We are

also start English languages courses in current year.



                                                                                We have found our school I going well if compare with the other schools. During the last year we have face some problems like shortage of math teacher staff, load shedding is also a critical problem for us it’s become headache for us.



                      Our schools had focused their efforts on students at all year levels, and across

mathematics, reading and writing. The others had trialed a successful innovation

in one area and were now spreading the trial by increasing the number of students

and teachers involved.

question no 2



Question no 02:

                     Pie charts are unsurpassed in their ability to depict the composition of a whole. Draw a ‘Pie Chart’ showing different monthly expenditures of your house hold?                                                           






                                                Monthly Expenditure



                                                                                                                       Auto /Transportation


                                                                                                     Charitable Donations




                                                                                           Child Care























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