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Semester Freeze

  1. A student will be allowed to freeze once in a semester.

  2. student may request for semester freeze till the commencement of final term examinations with proper justification.

  3. Student will pay the semester freeze “Prescribed Fee”. In case a student has not paid security fee, he/she will not be able to freeze a semester except zero semester, deficiency semester, specialization certificate and short course.

  4. During freeze period, the student will not be allowed to attend classes and/or use computer labs at any Virtual Campus.

  5. University dues according to the selected course credits by the student shall be charged up to the end of the month in which the application for semester freeze will be received. However, in case the request is received after the opening of date-sheet making interface for the final-term exams then full semester’s fee will be payable.

  6. A student cannot freeze more than two consecutive semesters simultaneously. Failing to resume / continue studies in the next (3rd) semester the student’s admission will be considered as “withdrawn” and he/she will be required to apply for new admission as per University policy. In case a student submits semester freeze request by mistake, he/she will be allowed to withdraw the request within seven (7) days from the date of application.

  7. A Student failing to enroll any course(s) in a semester will be treated as “freeze” as per University policy. He/she will also be charged “Semester Freeze Fee” in addition to a fine of Rs. 1,000/-.


In order to request for Semester Freeze, follow the steps below:

  1. From within the LMS, click the Student Services button

  2. Click on the Semester Freeze link

  3. A form showing the Semester Freeze history, if any, will be displayed

  4. Enter the reason for Semester Freeze

  5. Click the Submit Request button and confirm.

  6. An email will be sent at your VU email account for request confirmation.

  7. Confirm the Request through the email link.



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