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Dear students! All the students are informed that they will post their comments on GDB link. Comments for GDB sent via email or posted on regular MDB will not be accepted. Graded GDB for Pak301 will be opened on January 17, 2017 and will remain open till January 18, 2017. The topic of this GDB will be,

 How did “Terrorism in Pakistan” become a highly destructive phenomenon in the recent years? 

Post your comments after inferring the above topic. Your comments should NOT exceed from 100 to 120 words. Read the instructions carefully before sending your comments: 1. Graded GDB carries 5% weightage. 2. Your comments should be relevant to the topic i.e. clear and concise. 3. Post your comments on the GDB, not on the Regular MDB. Both will run in parallel during the time specified above. 4. Do not copy the comments of other students, as no marks will be awarded for Plagiarism. 5. Do not copy from internet or any other website, and try to create in your own words. 6. Comments sent via e-mail or posted on regular MDB will not be graded. 7. Don’t send your comments twice

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                  Pak 301 GDB 1



·        Terrorism in Pakistan has many causes and special effects. The root causes are religious extremism, war in Afghanistan, poverty, social inequality, and illiteracy. Some of the main effects are bombings, killings, and assassinations especially of police and military personnel, damage to tourism, and a bad image to the country.

·        Religious extremism is caused by Madrasas (a school and hostel attached to a mosque in which religious teaching is given). The effects of these are terrorism, bombings, and killings. Here is an example of religious extremism. The terrorists of Lal Masjid wanted to make their own Islamic administration and would not listen to anybody. So, a military operation was done by the Pakistan Army. Many people were killed in the mosque. 

·        Poverty, illiteracy, social inequality too are causes of terrorism. All these have made the poor of the northern areas unhappy with the government and other rich people. Because of this sadness, many poor people have become terrorists.

·        Pakistan is with America against the Taliban. The effect of this is that the terrorists of Taliban have also started violent Pakistan. As a result of terrorism, Pakistan has got a bad image and most of the foreigners have stopped visiting or have left this country.

·        Therefore, in this horrible time we must have good leaders in this country. The leaders we have, do not control the country well enough. To improve the situation, we need to get rid of these leaders who think of themselves more than the country and its people.


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