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ENG201 Mid Term paper  29 May 2016!
1. Define consideration?
2. Business Terms for a short paragraph.
3. Define Clarity and how can we achieve it? 
4. True False of sentence.
5. Body of Claim Letter.
6. How can you target your audience in technical writing?
7. Fill in The Blanks...
Correctness, Courtesy, Clarity, Credibility, Concreteness 
1. ........... is achieved through a balance between precise and familiar language.
2. These mechanical insertion "please" and Thanks" does not ensure ..........
3. Using specific, vivid and definite figures in a characteristic of ..........
4. Competence, compose and character is three Cs of ..........
5. Using the right language and maintaining acceptable machine is important rule of .............

Total 17 04 june 2016
1-Difference between connotation and denotation?
2- explain "document accuracy" is better then "technical accuracy"
3-define salutation

ENG201 Mid Term paper  04 June 2016!

Difference b/w letter n memo,

what are adjustment letter,

describe characteristics of u attitude, name

5 cs of communication,

describe term conciseness for paragraph writing n also give one example.

There were two questions of true n false identification.

 4th june

Q. name five character of conciseness. (5)

Q.discriminatory expressions (5)

Q. Functions of concreteness (3)

Q. write the body of claim letter (5)

Q. wht is claim ?



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