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Question No. 1                                                                                                                                        Marks= 20

Problem Statement:                                                                                                                               


Write a C++ program which implements a Simple Single Link List to keep the record of Students.


The program should contain an Add operation to add new node/record of student in Linked List. Each record/node of the list contains Student ID and Name. The new node/record can be added at the beginning or end of Linked List.


You also need to include Search operation in the Linked List. The search operation takes Student ID as an input and searches the entire Linked List to determine whether a student record against the provided Student ID exists or not. If the record for the given Student ID exists in given list then display Student ID and Name. If the record does not exist then display message “Student does not exist”.



The output of the program should look like the screenshots attached below:




















Adding Student at 1st Position:
























Adding Student at Last position.
















Searching Student in Link List.















Your assignment must be uploaded on or before 3rd May, 2017. No solution will be accepted through email after the due date.

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idea solution 


solution plzz

yr meja bi solution sent kr day koyi plzzz

solution diya tu ha ap dekh lain opr :/ 

yar ye file to na open horahi he or na download?

Hanain Yousaf yeh idea solution diya tu howa ha

Part 3 SOLUTION Video

Part 4 SOLUTION Video

The people here didn't need ideas.. If they can do it themselves then they cannot be here. So please Provide solutions not ideas 

so people have to gone through the lecture ..... we can't provide the whole solution ..... you have to do something ..

Paki pkai kheer nii miltii ,.... hath paeer chalana parta Hashim

Paki pkai hi chahiye or mil bhi gai...

Hashim bro can you send me assignment solution plzzzzz


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